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Plant Capsule
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  Cellulose derived from natural plant sources, its performance is comparable to other types of capsules.
  Chemical stability and inertness, compatible with a variety of formulations.
  Satisfy functional, cultural and dietary preferences and compliance.
 The first choice for moisture-sensitive and moisture-absorbing formulas.
  Machine-friendly design ensures smooth packaging on semi-automatic and automatic filling machines.

Vegetable Capsules

Meet a variety of lifestyle, cultural and dietary needs
Low moisture content, suitable for moisture sensitive ingredients
No risk of cross-linking reaction
The elastic polymer structure ensures the stability of the capsule and a high probability of use
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The antioxidant properties help to protect the active ingredients of the product
Vegetarian capsules with all the advantages of gelatin capsules
Comply with the relevant regulations for organic products in the U.S.
More natural, no starch, no gluten, no preservatives, no genetically modified ingredients
Obtained various recognized safety qualifications and halal certifications
Patented new formula, suitable for various ingredients
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Capsules that can be filled with pure natural tapioca starch, edible glycerin and purified water imported from Cambodia
Safer capsules made of pure plant and non-animal origin.
Can be used as a carrier for daily taking health care powder and packaging for cooking condiments
Can improve the taste of health powder, protect the intestines and stomach from drug stimulation, and greatly improve the absorption and utilization rate of drugs
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