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R & D Overview

R & D Overview

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R & D Overview

R & D Overview

Technology and innovation are the guarantee for the healthy development Of Humanwellcaps, as well as the source of the company's rapid development. The company has an independent "pharmaceutical auxiliary research center", a 4000M2 research and development complex, a membrane material laboratory and a refined synthesis laboratory, and specializes in the research and development of empty capsules, medicinal capsule materials and special excipients. Work with innovation. The research center currently has 50 professional R&D personnel, including 13 senior engineers and 37 engineers. It has good basic conditions for R&D and a sound scientific and technological innovation management system.

In order to better develop scientific and technological innovation, the research center attaches great importance to the training and construction of R&D teams, regularly sends R&D personnel to participate in various academic seminars, and actively conducts academic exchanges with experts and professors from major universities or scientific research institutions to improve R&D Professional level and comprehensive quality of personnel. At the same time, Humanwellcaps maintains close production-university-research cooperation with Huazhong University of Science and Technology, Wuhan University, Hubei Institute of Technology and other institutions of higher learning. "Expert Workstation" and other industry-university-research cooperation platforms introduce technology and talents, improve enterprise R&D capabilities and R&D management levels, and realize complementary technologies, talents, and resources.

Research Project

With total 117 scientific research projects, of which 56 scientific research projects have been completed and 61 scientific research projects are under research. Through these scientific research projects, our company has achieved fruitful innovation results, and has successively obtained more than 50 various patents. At the same time, through quality research and technological innovation, the company's production efficiency has been improved, and production costs have been reduced, so that the quality of the company's products has been improved, and the competitiveness of products and the influence of the company's brand have been greatly improved.

Research Platform

  • Provincial scientific research platform

    Provincial-school-enterprise joint R&D centers, provincial post-doctoral innovation practice bases, provincial academician expert workstations, industry-university-research cooperation bases, and comprehensive research laboratories for plant capsules

  • University Teaching Base

    Huazhong University of Science and Technology, Wuhan University, Huazhong Agricultural University, Huazhong Normal University, Beijing Institute of Technology, Hubei University of Technology, etc.

  • Others

    Hubei Engineering Technology Research Center

R & D Vision

1、Empty capsules quality researching, including disintegration; brittle broken degree etc.

2、New product development for vegetable capsules, such as HPMC empty capsules, pullulan empty capsules, starch capsules etc, also researching new type vegetable capsules. Liquid fill capsules industry chain development, including liquid fill capsules shell material, filling technology etc.

3、Injection level solubilizer; high purity lecithin, hydroxypropyl-β-cyclodextrin, Tween 80, poloxamer etc.

4、Oral solid preparations accessories; Vitamin E polyethylene glycol succinate, sorbitan oleate, glyceryl behenate, and so on;

5、Composite pharmaceutical excipients. On the basic of natural products, to develop a set of nontoxic and biodegradable new medicinal material.

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