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Product services

Professional empty capsules manufacturer of various models, specifications and varieties

To meet the functional needs of different customers through fine-tuning of the formula

To meet the special needs of different customers through fine-tuning of the process

Capsules of different colors can be provided according to customer needs

Diversified printing methods are avaliable

Transportation Services

After the product inspection, we will promptly arrange special vehicles, refrigerated vehicles, air consignments, express and other services according to customer needs to effectively meet the supply needs of different customers.

Transportation Services

After-sales Services

skilled and experienced high-quality technicians

after-sales service team with expertise in capsule and capsule filling

strive to ensure a one-stop service to customers

Our Promise

Excellent lead time with sufficient supply quantity

Response time to quality problems: within 12 hours, the sales, technical and after-sales departments will make a joint response

Provide customers with free training of filling machine maintenance, operation and capsule inspection knowledge, to better solve customers' actual problems

Provide filling machine installation, debugging, repair and maintenance services free of charge, and assist customers in ordering filling machine spare parts

free samples for testing

Comprehensive after-sales technical support

Customized capsules according to the characteristics of customer powder

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