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R & D Results

R & D Results

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  • Time of issue:2021-08-12 19:45:31
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R & D products

1、Gelatin empty capsule : fish gelatin capsule, pearl capsules, enterosoluble capsule etc.

2、Vegetable empty capslue : HPMC capsule, pullulan capsule, starch capsule.

3、Pharmaceutical excipients::mold-releasing oil, modified starch, compound shell material etc.

4、Oral solid preparations accessories; Vitamin E polyethylene glycol succinate, sorbitan oleate, glyceryl behenate, and so on


Gelatin Empty Capsule: Achieve USP standard

HPMC Empty Capsule : Achieve USP standard

Food Additives Mould-releasing oil : Reached the national standard

Pullulan Empty Capsule: Achieve USP standard

Starch Capsule : Achieve USP standard

Vitamin E polyethylene glycol succinate: Achieve USP standard

Intellectual Property

More than 26 patents.

Intellectual Property

Achievement Honor

Award Name Years
One hundred key small and medium-sized enterprises in Hubei Province 2004
National Medicine Approval Number F20050032 2005
"Zero" breakthrough of high-tech enterprises in Chibi City 2006
Star Enterprise of Technology Entrepreneurship 2007
Outstanding Contribution Unit Award of China Pharmaceutical Packaging Association 2008
Plant Capsule R&D Center (Co-constructed by Hubei University of Technology) 2012
Xianning City Pharmaceutical Excipients Development and Application Engineering Technology Research Center 2013
Malaysia Halal Certification 2013
U.S. FDA registration 2015

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