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What Are Differences Between Gelatin Capsules and Vegetable Capsules?

Gelatin capsules and vegetable capsules are two common capsule forms. They have certain differences in raw materials, suitable for people and environmental protection. Then the difference between gelatin capsules and vegetable capsules will be introduced in detail in this article from these three aspects.

Everything You Should Know About Hard Gelatin Capsules

Hard gelatin capsules are a common form of capsules and are widely used in the field of pharmaceuticals and health products, but there are still many people knowing little of it. Then everything you should know about hard gelatin capsules will be discussed in this article.

Do You Know What Advantages of Gelatin Capsules Are?

There are many types of capsules in the current market, in which gelatin capsules are regarded as the global preference. The reason why gelatin capsules are popular is that they have various benefits. Well, do you know what are advantages of gelatin capsule? In this article, you will get the answer.

Does Vegetable Capsule Have Side Effect to Take For A Long Time?

Although vegetable capsules are widely used and are with high safety, and people will often ask whether there are side effects of vegetable capsules when taking it in a long term.

Unveiling the Health Revolution: The Imperative for SLS-Free Capsules in Pharmaceuticals

This article delves into the why, the benefits, market prospects, and global regulations surrounding SLS-free capsules.

Hard Gelatin vs. Soft Gelatin Capsules: Which One Should You Choose and Why

There are two main types of gelatin capsules: hard gelatin capsules (HGC) and soft gelatin capsules (SGC). Each type has distinct characteristics that make them suitable for specific applications. Let's explore the differences between hard and soft gelatin capsules, along with their respective use cases.

Advantages of Capsules

The advantages of the capsule include the ability of being effective oxygen barrier and excellent chemical stability, which could improve product stability. For example, components are unstable, sensitive to temperature, light and heat can be made into capsule forms. Moreover, capsules are good in uniformity of dosage units, and capsules can be made into different types to meet the needs.

Congratulates to Humanwell Group for Broadcasting the Corporate Video on China Central Television (CCTV)!

Congratulations to Humanwell Group for broadcasting its Company video on China Central Television (CCTV) from August 24 to October 20! The video is 30 seconds and played at different times on CCTV1, 3, 4, 7 and12 stations. It will show the professional team and company philosophy. Welcome to the video.
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