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Hard Gelatin vs. Soft Gelatin Capsules: Which One Should You Choose and Why

There are two main types of gelatin capsules: hard gelatin capsules (HGC) and soft gelatin capsules (SGC). Each type has distinct characteristics that make them suitable for specific applications. Let's explore the differences between hard and soft gelatin capsules, along with their respective use cases.

Advantages of Capsules

The advantages of the capsule include the ability of being effective oxygen barrier and excellent chemical stability, which could improve product stability. For example, components are unstable, sensitive to temperature, light and heat can be made into capsule forms. Moreover, capsules are good in uniformity of dosage units, and capsules can be made into different types to meet the needs.

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The Advantages of Vegetable Capsules

Gelatin capsules are derived from animal parts from bovine or pigs. This also makes it difficult for people that do not consume pork due to religious reasons, such as kosher diets, to get the supplementation they need to complement their diet. Veggie capsules offer another option for people that do not want to take their supplements enclosed in gelatin.

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Differences between Hard and Soft Gelatin Capsules

1. Hard gelatin capsules are available in different sizes like size 5, size 4, size 3, size 2, size 1, size 0 etc whereas these sizes are not applicable for soft gelatin capsules.
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