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1、What sizes of capsule can you produce?

00#、0#、1#、2#、3#、4#。00#Capsules have a larger capacity, 4# capsules have a smaller capacity

2、What are the types of hollow capsules

The hollow capsules produced by our company include gelatin hollow capsules and vegetable hollow capsules. Among them, vegetable hollow capsules include hypromellose capsules, starch capsules and pullulan capsules.

3、Finished product packaging specifications and packaging dimensions

Packing specifications: 0# 100,000 tablets/carton 1# 140,000 tablets/carton 2# 180,000 tablets/carton 3# 220,000 tablets/carton

The outer box size is 760*420*600mm, and it is packed with one outer box and two inner boxes.

4、Storage conditions of hollow capsules

Temperature 10℃~25℃, relative humidity 35%~65%

5、Source of raw materials

At present, our company uses the raw materials---gelatin, mainly the famous international and domestic brands of Rousselot gelatin and Dongbao gelatin.

6、Production scale

It has 30 automatic capsule production lines with an annual production capacity of more than 10 billion capsules.

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