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Compared with other dosage forms, what are the main advantages of capsules?


Compared with other dosage forms, what are the main advantages of capsules?

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At present, capsules have made considerable and rapid development in the fields of health care and pharmaceuticals, and

have become one of the most important dosage forms of oral solid preparations.

When compared with other dosage forms, what are the main advantages of capsules?


1. Patient's preference

Compared with other dosage forms, hard capsules can effectively conceal the bad smell of drugs and are easy to swallow.

The various colors and printing design make the drugs more recognizable, thereby effectively improving the compliance of medication.

In 1983, a survey conducted by authoritative organizations in Europe and the United States showed that among the 1,000

patients selected,  54% chose hard capsules, 29% chose sugar-coated pellets, and only 13% chose tablets. 4% of people did not make

a clear choice.


2. High R&D efficiency

As we all know, the sooner drugs are marketed, the longer the market exclusivity period for patented drugs will be, and the

profits of new drugs for pharmaceutical companies will increase substantially. The average number of excipients used in

capsules is 4, which is significantly reduced compared with the 8-9 types of tablets; the testing items of capsules are also less,

and the cost of method establishment, verification and analysis is almost half of that of tablets.

Therefore, compared with tablets, the development time of capsules is at least half a year shorter than that of tablets.


3. Low production cost

Compared with tablets, the GMP production workshop for hard capsules has fewer process equipment, high space utilization,

more reasonable layout, fewer inspections during the production process, fewer quality control parameters, fewer operators,

and lower risk of cross-contamination. It has the advantages of simple process, few production procedures, simple auxiliary

materials and low cost. According to estimates by authoritative experts, the overall cost of hard capsules is 25-30% lower than

that of tablets.