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How to Choose the Right Capsule Filling Machine


How to Choose the Right Capsule Filling Machine

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Capsule filling machine is divided into semi-automatic and full-automatic capsule filling machine:



                                                                  Semi-automatic capsule filling machine


Semi-automatic capsule filling machine is a new type of medicine packaging machine. The machine is controlled by electric appliance

and pneumatic, equipped with electronic automatic counting device and speed regulating device, which can respectively complete the

positioning, separation, filling, locking and other actions of capsules, instead of manual filling, reduce labor intensity, improve

production  efficiency and accurate filling dose.




Pharmaceutical factory laboratory, small pharmaceutical factory

Chemical plant laboratory, small chemical plant




                                                                   Full-automatic capsule filling machine.




The full-automatic capsule filling machine integrates machine, electricity and gas.


It adopts microcomputer programmable controller, touch panel operation, frequency conversion and speed regulation, and is equipped

with electronic automatic counting device. It has the advantages of sensitive action, accurate filling dose, novel structure and

convenient operation.


It can automatically complete the positioning, separation, filling and locking of capsules, reduce labor intensity and improve

production efficiency Efficiency, in line with the requirements of pharmaceutical hygiene. Suitable for filling all kinds of capsules.


It is an economical and practical equipment for filling capsule drugs in pharmaceutical industry.




1. The equipment is small in size, low in energy consumption, easy to replace, operate and clean;


2. Standardization and serialization: the manufacturing parts can be interchangeable, and the replacement of molds is

convenient and accurate.


3. The high-precision divider is adopted, with small vibration, less than 70dB of extreme motion working noise, dose

difference controlled within ± 3%, and capsule handling rate higher than 99.5%;   


4. The powder collector can be configured according to the needs of users, which can effectively and directly recover 85% - 90%

of the lost materials, and improve the economic benefits of drug production enterprises.


5. Save energy and avoid cross pollution: redesign the discharge mechanism of finished capsule, save the air compressor, so

as to reduce the overall size and noise of the whole machine, avoid cross pollution and movement failure caused by pneumatic

discharge, and achieve remarkableenergy saving effect;