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Why do capsule shells essential for medicines? Is it okay to take the powder directly?


Why do capsule shells essential for medicines? Is it okay to take the powder directly?

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                                 Why do capsule shells essential for medicines? Is it okay to take the powder directly?


Because of the emergence of the capsule shell, the bitterness of the medicine has long been a thing of the past.


However, many of us still have doubts about capsule medicine, and think that it will affect the effect of the medicine and the digestion of the human gastrointestinal tract.


So they decided to throw away the shell of the capsule medicine and choose Oral only the powder or granules in the capsule.


Is such an approach really worthy of praise? This is not the case. Taking the powder by mouth is very harmful to the body.

What is going on?


It is best not to take out the medicine in the capsule shell and take it alone! Otherwise the consequences are very  dangerous!                        


                       There are several main purposes for packaging the powder or granules in a capsule shell:


1. Because the medicine has a special smell, or is acidic or alkaline or bitter, with the capsule shell as a cover, it can be completely avoided. Prescribe these problems, so that the medicine can reach the application site smoothly and exert its effect.


2. Wrap the powder in a capsule shell to reduce the irritation of the throat, esophagus, gastrointestinal and other mucous membranes caused by the drug.


3. Prevent the medicine from being melted by saliva in the mouth before it reaches the treatment site to prevent the  medicine's effect from being reduced.                                  

One of the issues that people are most concerned about is whether the capsule shell will cause indigestion of the gastrointestinal tract. The answer is no.                


                                                                        Gelatin Capsules


The materials that make up the gelatin capsule shell are gelatin, glycerin, water and other biological agents, and this capsule  shell is an edible-grade medicinal material. Its constituent materials are derived from animal skin, bones and tendons, and have been specially treated. The fat-free and high-protein high-grade glue that can be easily absorbed by the human body.            


Therefore, gelatin capsule is a kind of nutritious, low-fat food, and it is also a water-soluble protein. Simply put, when the human body only swallows the capsule shell and enters the gastrointestinal tract, it can quickly fuse with the body's water and gastric acid, making it extremely hydrophilic.



                                                                        Vegetarian Capsules


Plant capsules have become more and more popular in recent years, and the demand for plant capsules will show a rapid growth trend in the future.


The main raw material of plant capsules is medicinal hydroxypropyl methylcellulose (HPMC), which is the most abundant natural polymer in nature. It is physically extracted from marine or terrestrial plants;  


The HPMC in plant capsules is stable, and will not cross-link with some drugs. It has wide adaptability, stable drug release speed, thorough dissolution, more significant curative effect, and small individual differences.


After HPMC is made into capsule shell, it still has a natural concept, and there is no need to add any preservatives during the production process; HPMC is metabolically inert and will not be absorbed in the body and is directly excluded from the body.  


The raw materials of plant capsules are derived from plants in nature, which provides a better choice for patients with vegetarianism and people of different religious beliefs.