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Why HPMC Capsules an Excellent Alternative to Gelatin Capsules and What Are the Features of HPMC Capsules?


Why HPMC Capsules an Excellent Alternative to Gelatin Capsules and What Are the Features of HPMC Capsules?

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Why HPMC capsules an excellent alternative to gelatin capsules and what are the features of HPMC capsules? 


The ongoing gelatin shortage is causing the health care market to reassess their dependence on gelatin. For many, the solution is obvious: Switching to HPMC capsules. If companies are considering making this change, there are some important matters they need to know. 


HPMC capsules work very well with moisture-sensitive ingredients, such as probiotics, because the low moisture content in the shell doesn’t interfere with active ingredients. They are also more resilient to fluctuations in temperature and humidity during transportation, storage, and manufacturing. 


If release rates are important for the product, it is necessary to consider this as well. The release rates must be closer to those of gelatin. However, this might not be the case with all vegetarian capsules available. 


Capsule size, colors, finish, and printing can all be customized to meet industry needs. Companies can even choose a natural pigment such as annatto or spirulina, to make brands more “natural” and therefore more competitive in the supplement market.






These capsules are manufactured from 100% plant-based materials. HPMC capsules do not contain animal-derived ingredients;  HPMC capsules have acquired a market share in the global empty capsule industry thanks to their natural origin.


Among their most notable features, they: Provide health-conscious consumers with a natural, 100% vegetable-derived alternative to animal-derived capsules. Are ideal for individuals with religion-based dietary restrictions. Can withstand higher temperature and humidity conditions than gelatin, and are ideal for hygroscopic formulations. 


 ·  No cross-linking reaction


 ·  Good elasticity, breakage-proof, high stability.


 ·  Natural plant source, non animal source, non-toxic, favorite for vegetarians.


 ·  Non Anaphylaxis , suitable for group of allergic constitution long-term use.


 ·  Physically stable polymer is resistant to stringent heat and humidity conditions


 ·  Low-moisture content suitable for moisture-sensitive ingredient