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Frequently Asked Questions About Empty Capsules


Frequently Asked Questions About Empty Capsules

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What is the Application  rate of capsule?

The application rate of hollow capsules refers to the ratio of the intact capsules to the total amount on the capsule filling machine. If the  rate is low, the powder will be wasted and the equipment cannot be operated continuously.Generally, the probability of getting gelatin capsules in regular companies is 99.9 or higher, of course, it has something to do with the powder situation, the temperature and humidity of the workshop, etc.



How to improve the application  rate of capsule?


The first is to match the size of the hollow capsule with the mold of the filling machine, and then to make sure the uniformity of the hollow capsule is good.



What types can capsules be divided into, what are their characteristics?


Capsules can be divided into hard capsules, soft capsules and enteric capsules. The characteristics of capsules are: it can cover the bad smell of drugs and improve the stability; the bioavailability of drugs is higher; it can make up for the shortcomings of other solid dosage forms; drugs with high oil content or liquid drugs are difficult to make pills, tablets, etc. But it can be made into soft capsules; it can delay drug release and localized drug release.



Is capsule shell harmful to the human body?


Capsule shell has no toxic and side effects and does not easily affect the physical and mental health of the body, and the capsule shell can be used to encapsulate the medicinal surface. After the capsule shell is used to encapsulate the medicinal surface, the medicine can be easily taken, and the capsule shell can be prevented from being swallowed immediately. 



Why are medicine capsules easy to break?


If the water activity of the capsule material is higher than the dosage formula, water will migrate into the dosage formula and may increase the rate of chemical degradation or cause the capsule to shrink or rupture and leak.

Conversely, if the water activity of the drug formulation is higher than that of the capsule, water will migrate into the capsule and may cause the capsule to swell or become sticky. Therefore, water activity provides more useful information than moisture content for formulation design, manufacturing conditions, and packaging requirements. Therefore, for the development of gelatin capsules, the water activity of the capsule should be matched with the internal drug dosage formulation.



Anti-fragile capsules by Humanwellcaps

With special technology, the Anti-fragile capsules is not easy to be brittle in a low-moisture environment, and has good stability. Through years of data accumulated by the Humanwellcaps, the fragility and water resistance of capsule products are related to the outer packaging and the moisture content some key indicators are related;

Humanwellcaps use special formulas and processes to balance multiple impact indicators, so that the capsule products are both rigid and flexible. On the one hand, it can inhibit water migration and on the other hand, it can ensure the toughness of the capsule.