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Pullulan Hollow Capsules--A complete plant source, pure natural product


Pullulan Hollow Capsules--A complete plant source, pure natural product

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The all-natural pullulan hollow capsules are different from traditional animal-derived capsules, and conform to today's natural consumer groups. It is a product derived from extracellular pure natural polymer polysaccharides produced by microbial fermentation with starch or sugars as raw materials. The polysaccharide is easily soluble in water, safe, non-toxic, edible, low calorific value; plasticity, good film-forming properties, good film gas barrier properties; it will not cause environmental pollution, so it has advantages that cannot be replaced by other products.



In addition, compared to traditional gelatin hollow capsules, pullulan hollow capsules have wide applicability, no cross-linking risk of protein substances in gelatin (cross-linking easily leads to disintegration or reduced dissolution), and the release rate is relatively stable , Individual differences are small. In terms of storage conditions, according to tests, pullulan hollow capsules are almost not brittle in a low-humidity environment, and the properties of the capsule shell remain stable at high temperatures.


Best antioxidant properties, help to protect the active ingredients of the product
► Vegetarian capsules with all the advantages of gelatin capsules                
► Comply with the relevant regulations of American organic products        
► More natural, no starch, no gluten, no preservatives, no genetically modified ingredients
► Obtained various recognized safety qualifications and halal certifications  
► Patented new formula, suitable for various ingredients