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Anti-brittle Capsules-an upgraded product of gelatin capsules


Anti-brittle Capsules-an upgraded product of gelatin capsules

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Through years of experience and data accumulation, Humanwellcaps Research Institute found that the friability and water resistance
 of capsule products are not only related to the outer packaging, but also to some key indicators like the moisture of the capsule. 

With special formulas and processes, humanwellcaps aimed to balance multiple indicators when producing the capsules, to make
 sure the capsules have good stability. That's why we have the upgraded gelatin capsule products--Anti-brittle Capsules.

On the one hand, it can inhibit water migration of the capsule, on the other hand, it can ensure the toughness of the capsule. It is 
undoubtedly a new and innovative application of capsule producing.




Features of Anti-brittle Capsules:


Material: gelatin.

Function: used for holding solid drugs and disintegrates in the stomach.

Advantages: Using special technology, not easy to be brittle in low moisture environment and has good stability.

Applicable varieties: suitable for filling drugs that are easy to absorb moisture and sensitive to moisture.


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