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An interview by the local TV station--Chibi TV


An interview by the local TV station--Chibi TV

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As the exclusive pharmaceutical empty capsule production base in Hubei Province, Hubei Humanwell Pharmaceutical Excipients Co., Ltd was interviewed by the local TV station---Chibi TV.


The interview is an overview of the production line, the market and the production capacity of our company, Humanwellcaps. 


"with 2 workshop Strictly in line with the international pharmaceutical excipients GMP standard management, and up to 22 full automatic production lines, humanwellcaps is growing stronger with the pursuing of innovation, their market has covered more than 20 province in domestic and more than 30 countries including Europe and The United States”. The reporter Mingqi Tang mentioned in the interview. 



This interview is undoubtedly a recognition of our efforts in the past few years.


With the vision of providing customers with better and healthier capsules, Humanwellcaps will keep moving forward and always strive for better future.