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Do you really know the difference between tablets, granules and capsules?


Do you really know the difference between tablets, granules and capsules?

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Do you really know the difference between tablets, granules and capsules?


Every time you go to a pharmacy to choose a medicine, you will always see a variety of drug dosage forms, such as tablets, capsules, granules ... even the same medicine has different dosage forms, so what is the difference between these dosage forms? 




More than half of the commonly oral medicines are tablets, which are compressed after mixing the medicine and excipients.

Take care when taking tablets, not all tablets can be taken apart. Enteric-coated tablets, sustained-release tablets, and control

tablets must be swallowed as a whole. This is because the outer layer of enteric-coated tablets is coated with a gastric-resistant

coating to prevent Gastric acid is digested in advance to ensure that the drug can be absorbed after entering the intestine.



Capsules can be divided into hard capsules, soft capsules, sustained-release capsules, controlled-release capsules,

enteric-coated capsules, etc. .


The function of the capsule is not only to wrap the medicine to avoid the influence of moisture, air, and light, but also to cover 
the bitterness, odor and other bad smells of the medicine, thereby reducing the unpleasant experience of the patient when 
taking the medicine. 

The drugs in capsules are often in powder or granular form. They can be quickly dissolved and absorbed in the gastrointestinal 
tract and have higher bioavailability. Some drugs are easily destroyed in the stomach or have strong irritation to the stomach, 
so enteric-coated capsules are often made to ensure that the capsule shell reaches the intestine before dissolving and releasing 
the drug.


Note when taking capsules: the capsules must not be sticky, deformed or broken, and have no odor; when taking the capsules, 
drink at least 300mL of water and lower your head slightly when swallowing, so that the capsule can be taken smoothly.



Granules are dry granular preparations made of medicines and suitable excipients. In the early days, they were commonly

known as "granules". They can be swallowed directly with water or put into water for drinking. They are more convenient

to apply and carry. The speed of dissolution and absorption of such drugs is also faster.

When taking granules, try to take them with warm water.



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