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A Good Team is Full of Warmth and Strength


A Good Team is Full of Warmth and Strength

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A good team is full of warmth and strength

"In Humanwell Capsule, you will always feel the strength from the team. I have been in the company for more than 5 years, from being a novice to now independently booting up and can solve most of the production line problems. My growth comes from the team giving Motivation for growth. When there is a problem, my superiors will teach me hand-in-hand, and then give me the opportunity to operate on the computer until I fully digest what I have learned. Practical teaching allows me to learn and grow better."

Happiness is working with people you admire

"I feel very lucky to be able to sit here and share with you. Fortunately, I chose to be a member of Human Welfare Pharmaceutical Supplements. Especially the company gave me the opportunity to study in the group's research institute, which gave me the opportunity to learn from the group I can only describe the zero-distance learning of a big coffee with a thirst for knowledge. Only by continuous improvement can the gap be closed. Learning has not only broadened my knowledge horizon, updated my knowledge structure, but also changed my ideas."


Meeting challenges together with Humanwellcaps for 16 years

"Everyone likes to put a lot of labels on me, such as: the 16th full-staff training zero-absent employee, the company's first female section chief, and outstanding Communist Party members for many years... In fact, I want to say, I just have one label: medicine Assistant. After two factory relocations and two industrial upgrades, I believe that in the future industrial upgrades, the company will surely live up to expectations and achieve a greater leap."