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Signing Ceremony for the Extension Project of Humanwell Capsules


Signing Ceremony for the Extension Project of Humanwell Capsules

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        On the afternoon of October 28, the People's government of Chibi, Hubei Province, China signed the investment agreement of "Relocation and Expansion Project of Humanwell Capsules" with Humanwell Healthcare (Group) Co., Ltd. Deng Xiafei, President of Humanwell Healthcare (Group) Co., Ltd., Sheng Wenjun, Party secretary of Red Cliff, attended and made a speech. Dong Fangping, Deputy party secretary and mayor of Red Cliff presided over the signing ceremony. City leaders Hong Jinhu, Rao Zibin attended.



        "Relocation and Expansion Project of Humanwell Capsules" mainly produces a series of high-end pharmaceutical auxiliary products such as gelatin capsule, vegetarian capsule, cellulose derivative and high quality starch.



        On behalf of the Municipal Party Committee and the municipal government of Chibi, Sheng Wenjun extended a warm welcome to Humanwell Healthcare (Group) Co., Ltd. for its investment in Chibi and expressed his heartfelt thanks for its contribution to the economic and social development of Chibi over the years, as well as the fight against the epidemic and the recovery after the epidemic. He said that Humanwell Healthcare (Group) Co., Ltd. is the largest and most high-quality pharmaceutical industrial enterprise in the province, and the biopharmaceutical industry is in line with the future high-quality development direction. At present, Chibi is focusing on building biopharmaceutical related sectors and speeding up the construction of biomedical industrial park. This agreement will bring new momentum and new support for the further expansion of the biopharmaceutical sector in Chibi.

        Sheng Wenjun hopes that the company will take this signing as a new starting point, constantly accelerate the project construction progress, and promote the project to be effective as soon as possible.Chibi city will strengthen contact and docking, actively do a good job in tracking services, to create a good development environment for the project landing.



        Deng xiafei thanked the Chibi government for their support and help.He said, in the Chibi excellent policy support and development environment, the company is full of confidence in the future development.In the future, the enterprise will focus on The development of Chibi and devote all its efforts to make the industry stronger, the products better, and the market share larger, so as to promote the implementation of the project without any other attention.



        At the signing ceremony, Hong Jinhu, member of the Standing Committee of municipal Party Committee and executive vice mayor, signed an investment agreement with Xu Huabin, executive vice President of Humanwell Healthcare (Group) Co., Ltd.