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How to Store Capsules Properly?


How to Store Capsules Properly?

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If the proper storage conditions are observed, empty hard capsules may be stored for several years. Storage conditions are given in the table below:


  Min Ideal Max
Relative Humidity   40%   50%   60%
Temperature 15 C   20 C  27 C 
  60 F   68 F   75 F  

√ Store capsules away from direct sunlight (e.g. windows and skylights) as it will raise the surface temperature of a carton.

√ Store capsules away from hot water/air radiators, hot water pipes and steam pipes.

√ Store capsules on pallets off the ground.

√ Store capsules away from potential sources of water condensation e.g. under water pipes.

√ Do not store empty capsules in freezers.   The effect of prolonged storage (over a few days) in areas outside the recommended conditions may cause the damage indicated in the table below:

Damage to Capsule Probable Cause Capsule Moisture
Softening and loss of shape  Storage at high RH  Increased 
Difficult to separate; lumps of capsules; visible condensation on surface of bag; some capsules slightly reduced in size High temperature or temperature cycling during storage.  Decreased  
Capsules shatter when pressure applied; all capsules slightly reduced in size. Storage at low RH   Decreased