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Advantages of Capsules


Advantages of Capsules

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The advantages of the capsule include the ability of being effective oxygen barrier and excellent chemical stability, which could improve product stability. For example, components are unstable, sensitive to temperature, light and heat can be made into capsule forms. Moreover, capsules are good in uniformity of dosage units, and capsules can be made into different types to meet the needs.

Another common type used in dietary supplements is tablet format, which requires high pressure to help with molding. However, the pressure and temperature at the time of making could potentially damage the activity of the sensitive components. Moreover, the tablet form has to be coated with a film coat to increase moisture resistance; the composition of the coating contains a lot of chemical additives, including titanium dioxide and talcum powder. All of which have pointed out potential risks and harms. Some cheaper tablet products also used to add artificial colors on the coating, which burden our body in a big way.

There are a lot of advantages of capsules, and We also emphasize on using vegetable capsules, because it has better taste due to plant-derived ingredients and natural ingredients compared to animal-derived gelatin capsules. The vegetarian capsule shell is stable at low humidity levels, has low moisture content and low static charge, and is more suitable for oxygen-sensitive and immediate-release drugs. These characteristics make the contents safer, better dissolution, and more remarkable impact on the users. Humanwell capsules® provides Empty Gelatin Capsules, Pullulan Capsules, HPMC Capsules, HSVC Capsules size of 00#, 0#, 1#, 2#, 3#, 4#, 5#. Customized color and logo printing is available.