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The Advantages of Vegetable Capsules


The Advantages of Vegetable Capsules

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The Advantages of Vegetable Capsules
Gelatin capsules are derived from animal parts from bovine or pigs. This also makes it difficult for people that do not consume pork due to religious reasons, such as kosher diets, to get the supplementation they need to complement their diet. Veggie capsules offer another option for people that do not want to take their supplements enclosed in gelatin.
The advantages that vegetarian capsules have over gelatin capsules, apart from being apt for different lifestyles and diets, are that gelatin capsules have a lower tolerance to heat and humidity than veggie capsules. Therefore, gelatin capsules do not offer stability when stored for longer periods of time.
Another advantage that vegetable cellulose capsules have over gelatin is the rate that it dissolves in the stomach. Veggie capsules dissolve faster and can release its contents to be consumed by the body at a more effective pace.
Nowadays, people are making lifestyle changes to a vegetarian or vegan diet. Going on a non-meat diet would likely make it difficult for them to consume dietary supplements that are encapsulated with gelatin capsules.
Veggie Capsule Advantages
Quicker absorption rate
Kosher & Vegetarian friendly
Higher Tolerance to Heat & Humidity
Nature’s Health Veggie Capsules
These capsules offer the same advantages to their gelatin counterparts with regards to storage advantage, durability, pre-measured doses, tastelessness, and ease of intake.
Since they contain no animal byproducts, vegetable cellulose capsules are deemed friendly to vegetarian-minded consumers as well as individuals with looking for a kosher solution. Humanwellcaps provide Empty Gelatin Capsules, Pullulan Capsules, HPMC Capsules, HSVC
Capsules size of 00#, 0#, 1#, 2#, 3#, 4#, 5#. Customized color and logo printing is available.