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The Humanwell Capsules Auxiliary Relocation and Expansion Project Begins


The Humanwell Capsules Auxiliary Relocation and Expansion Project Begins

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The Humanwell Capsules Auxiliary Relocation and Expansion Project Begins
On June 18th, the People's government of Chibi city signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement with Humanwell Pharmaceutical Auxiliary Relocation and Expansion Project with Humanwell Pharmaceutical Group Co., LTD. Dong Fangping, deputy party secretary and mayor of Chibi, and Deng Xiafei, President of Humanwell Pharmaceutical Group Co., LTD respectively signed the contract on behalf of both parties.
Humanwellcaps production base moved to the expansion of the project location Chibi High-tech Zone, proposed the construction of intelligent production workshop, national product research and development center, testing center, warehouse and office space, etc., and industrial upgrading, to the world's highest quality standards for international benchmarking, medicinal plant capsule and increase of cellulose derivatives and the high quality of starch and other high-end varieties of medicinal materials and high-end features API varieties, the product will be sold to the global market.
Dong Fangping pointed out that Humanwell Pharmaceutical Group Co., Ltd. is a leading enterprise in the pharmaceutical industry of Hubei Province and one of the top 100 enterprises in China's pharmaceutical industry. The proposed additional investment in Chibi, Chibi municipal Party Committee, municipal government attaches great importance to, will fully support the development of enterprises. It is hoped that the enterprise will take the medicinal auxiliary materials as the breakthrough point, construct the industrial park of medicinal auxiliary materials, play the leading role in the industry, and make Chibi the "Medical auxiliary materials Capital of China". Dong Fangping required that all relevant departments should take the initiative to follow up, connect with each other efficiently, and do a good job in the industry planning of pharmaceutical auxiliary materials with high standards, so as to sincerely serve enterprises.
On behalf of Humanwell Pharmaceutical Group Co., LTD., Deng Xiafei thanked Chibi city for its concern and support over the years. He said that Humanwell Pharmaceutical Group Co., Ltd. has a good foundation for cooperation with Chibi City, and the enterprise has a strong desire for upgrading and development. It will take this signing as an opportunity to increase investment in Chibi, tilt the group's existing technology and talent resources to Chibi Company, and do its best to build and operate the Humanwell Pharmaceutical Auxiliary expansion project well.