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Vegetable Capsules from Humawell Capsules


Vegetable Capsules from Humawell Capsules

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Hydroxypropyl methyl-cellulose hollow capsule is made of plant material hydroxypropyl methyl-cellulose with appropriate excipients.

       Natrual and pure plant source can meet the requirements of vegetarians and people with special beliefs, and also fully reflect the concept of safe, non-toxic, environmental protection and health of high-end drugs and health care products.

    Its characteristics of low moisture and high toughness can satisfy the filling of high hygroscopicity powder, especially the filling of traditional Chinese medicine powder.Inert materials, which do not contain amino acids, can avoid cross-linking reactions with drugs and maillard reactions.


Starch sacs are made of 100% natural starch and purified water.



  The all-natural pullulan polysaccharide hollow capsule is different from the traditional animal-derived capsules, and conforms to the current consumer group that advocates nature.It is a kind of raw material from starch or sugar, fermentation by microorganisms produced by the extracellular pure natural polymer polysaccharides products.

    Pullulan polysaccharide is soluble in water, safe, non-toxic, edible, low calorific value;Plasticity, good film-forming and good gas isolation;It will not cause environmental pollution, so it has some advantages in application that other products can not be replaced.Moreover, due to its physiological function of stimulating the growth of bifidobacterium in human intestines, isomaltose and panose produced under the action of human digestive enzymes can not only be used as low-calorific food for diabetes and obesity patients, but also be used as health food alone.If mixed with bifidobacterium preparation, it can play synergistic effect and obtain better health care effect.

       In addition, compared with traditional gelatin hollow capsules, pullulan polysaccharide hollow capsules have wide applicability, no cross-linking risk of protein substances in gelatin (easy to cause disintegration or reduced dissolution after cross-linking), relatively stable drug release rate and small individual differences.In terms of storage conditions, pullulan polysaccharide hollow capsule was almost not brittle in low humidity environment, and its shell property remained stable at high temperature.Gelatin hollow capsules are easy to be hardened or brittle under high and low temperature conditions, which are highly dependent on the temperature, humidity and packaging materials of the storage environment.For the large temperature difference between north and south in China, the different storage conditions of transportation and retail terminals, pullulan polysaccharide hollow capsule undoubtedly provides a solution for the manufacturers of this kind of drugs and health care products enterprises.