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In 2017 the 17th world pharmaceutical raw materials exhibition will be held in Shanghai in China


In 2017 the 17th world pharmaceutical raw materials exhibition will be held in Shanghai in China

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  Welcome to Visit our CPHI 2017 Shanghai Booth W5C92.
  As Asia's leading pharmaceutical class exhibition brand, CPhI & P - MEC China will continue to work with the development of Chinese pharmaceutical industry grow up together, and constantly improve our pharmaceutical enterprises international awareness and influence.
  After 16 years of accumulation, the CPhI & P - MEC China has developed into a group that includes the CPhI pharmaceutical raw material, the NEX BioPh natural extracts, bio-pharmaceutical, as at contract customization, P - MEC pharmaceutical machinery, InnoPack pharmaceutical packaging, LABWorld laboratory instruments, EP - Clean pharmaceutical Clean environmental protection, P - Logi medical logistics of nine major brands, pharmaceutical raw materials, fine chemicals and intermediates, pharmaceutical excipients, preparation, contract custom, biological pharmaceuticals, natural extracts, pharmaceutical machinery, packaging materials, laboratory equipment, environmental protection and Clean technology (EP & Clean Tech), pharmaceutical logistics (P - Logi) 9 big exhibition area, the pharmaceutical industry of the whole industry chain pharmacy international exhibitions.
  Time: June 20~June 22, 2017
  Location: Shanghai international conference center
  Booth W5C92.
  Participants: Central and Eastern medicine, Chinese Medicine Enterprises represented at the enterprise.
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