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Quality Control


   01 Introduction of research and development

  Innovation is the source of enterprise development. Our company have 4000m2 R & D building, including Membrane Material Department, Injection Preparation Department, Oral Solid Preparation Department etc. The R & D center specializing in research and develop empty capsule, injection grade pharmaceutical excipients, medicinal capsule material ,special excipients and other related pharmaceutical excipients . Now there are more than 50 professional R&D workers, including 13 senior engineers and 37 engineers, with good R & D foundation and sturdy technological innovation management system.
  In order to develop our technological innovation work better , the R & D center lay emphasis on different training for this team, we regularly assign R & D staff to participate in various symposiums, and actively academic communication with experts and professors of the major universities or scientific research institutions, therefore their profession and comprehensive ability can be improved. At the same time,Humanwell maintains close cooperative relations with Huazhong University of Science and Technology, Wuhan University, Hubei University of Technology and other national universities, also established a series of researching cooperation platforms, such as “ postdoctoral innovation and practice base”,“ school & enterprises co-construction R & D center ”,“ Expert workstations” etc. Humanwell introduce and cultivate of high-tech talents vigorously, improve enterprise R & D capability and management level, to achieve technologies complement, qualified personnel complement, resource complement.

    02  R & D Items

  Humanwell acquired more than 26 patents already. meanwhile, by means of quality research and technological innovation, we improved production efficiency and reduced production cost, that makes products quality is great improved, and enhanced product competitiveness & brand influence.


    03  R & D Platforms


Provincial-level R & D platforms
School & Enterprise Co-construction R & D Center
Postdoctor Innovation and Practice Center
Professors & Experts Workstation
Universities Teaching Base
Wuhan Universities,Huazhong University of Science and Technology Hubei University of Technology
Municipal Engineering Technical Research Center



    04  R & D Vision

   1、Empty capsules quality researching, including disintegration; brittle broken degree etc.

  2、New product development for vegetable capsules, such as HPMC empty capsules, pullulan empty capsules, starch capsules etc, also researching new type vegetable capsules. Liquid fill capsules industry chain development, including liquid fill capsules shell material, filling technology etc.
  3、Injection level solubilizer; high purity lecithin, hydroxypropyl-β-cyclodextrin, Tween 80, poloxamer etc.
  4、Oral solid preparations accessories; Vitamin E polyethylene glycol succinate, sorbitan oleate, glyceryl behenate, and so on;
  5、Composite pharmaceutical excipients. On the basic of natural products, to develop a set of nontoxic and biodegradable new medicinal material.