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Humanwell Capsules support public activities for a long time as social responsibility, and actively take part in public welfare undertakings. We have launch charity contributions for poor elderly and poor students for many times. Our aim is promoting the development of hometown and education.


2010-4-20 to the Chibi welfare and orphanage donations, cleaning the house for the elderly
Xianning Municipal Party Committee Propaganda Department and other departments awarded us “Top Ten respect for the old business”
2013-4-13 Contributions to family members of employees
2010-9-03 Chibi City Youth League organized by the Hope Project donations
2014-1-04 Condolences to the company 's employees
2010-4-04 Chibi Charity Fund to help charitable organizations, donated 200,000 yuan
2015-2-01 Condolences Wangjiabao difficult elderly
2015-3-21 Company employees to donate blood plasma free blood
2015-9-02 Donations for students with difficulties
2016-7-20 Participate in Tencent public welfare activities
2018-8-10 Large charities raise money for doctors, donated 50,000 yuan
2019-1-18 "volunteer city -- Chibi" Special Fund Launch Ceremony, donated 20,000 yuan
2020-1-30 Donate to the Chibi Charity Association in Hubei Province to battle against COVID-2019, donated 300,000 yuan