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Quality system


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  Quality system:
  High-quality products from strict quality management, human Fukafufu uphold the adherence to high-quality products, in strict accordance with the GMP standard for the implementation of the operation and control, from raw materials - semi-finished - finished products, each process Cengcengbaguan, strict Control, the implementation of the whole process of quality control, put an end to any quality problems.
  The company established a strict system of raw materials inspection, the production process of self-inspection staff, the upper and lower processes of mutual inspection, quality QC personnel of the three-dimensional quality inspection system. Implementation of product testing video system, product storage real-name registration system, the customer tracking return system to ensure that every aspect of the products are in a precise control of the quality system covering the entire production process. Advanced detection equipment, strict management measures, professional and experienced quality control team, to provide reliable protection of product quality.
  Quality: leading technology and products and services in domestic and foreign markets, with scientific management, innovation and sustainable development to meet customer expectations.
  Quality objectives: product market sampling rate of 100% pass rate, significant quality and safety accidents to zero, leading products and services industry standards